Where to Wed in Vegas

Las Vegas has always had a lot of nicknames. One of the most flattering is Marriage Capital of the World.
The list of celebrities who've gotten hitched in Vegas may be longer than the Strip itself. Paul Newman, Elvis Presley, Michael Jordan, Johnny Depp, Jon Bon Jovi ... well, you get the idea. And though every ceremony has its own special charm, one thing we can be certain of is this: Elvis was not married by an Elvis impersonator.
Part of the allure of a Las Vegas wedding is its ease: Marriage licenses are available every day until midnight, and no blood test or state residency is required. Chapel fees typically run from the reasonable to the really reasonable. As a bonus, you're in one of the best towns in the world for a wedding night. And a Las Vegas wedding reception is a guaranteed party.
Las Vegas wedding chapels frequently bring a buffet of nuptial options: limousine service, videography and photography, floral arrangements, and even live Internet viewing for friends who couldn't make the trip.
With tens of thousands of weddings every year, Las Vegas wedding venues aren't hard to find. Most of the city's major hotels have chapels, and freestanding chapels line the Strip. Drive-thru weddings and themed ceremonies (Star Trek wedding, anyone? Beam us up.) are also available.

Figuring out where to get married in Vegas is easy. Pick out a chapel; then pick out a sweetheart. Or the other way around, whichever you prefer.